What's the Knowway?

We ask ourselves this question often! You see, we've been in business over twenty years and during this time we have constantly worked to improve your learning and sharing experiences during your time with us. The knowWAY is the method that we use to teach you online.

So... what is the knowWAY?

The knowWAY is our way of relating to and working with our clients, students, participants, facilitators and knowMATES. It's our philosophy about best online practices which we apply every day in the knowplace Family of Sites. The knowWAY is our method that we use to teach and mentor you to successfully transfer your skills to the online environment. We want you to enjoy the online environment as much as we do. To accomplish this we:

  • Believe in relationship first, information second,
  • Sharing and learning together, and
  • You set the direction and the pace for your learning

How do we do this?

We improve our methods through formal and informal self and external evaluations. We ask you questions about how we did. We consistently evaluate and re-purpose ourselves to ensure that our principles, standards and ethics are in keeping with your needs, that of the marketplace, sound online adult learning theory and principles and the ever changing demands of technology. What we like the best is when you complain and tell us what we did wrong! Of course, we also like and encourage your compliments!

Our thanks to these knowMATES: Kerry Elfstrom, Helen Kershaw, Frances Long, Lisa Read, and Virginia Rego, for their energy, drive, time and commitment to produce the following information to help people participate fully in the various activities offered through the knowplace Family of Sites.

Last modified: Saturday, 9 August 2014, 2:03 PM