What Am I Getting Myself Into?

We Believe That...

1. Learning requires the active participation of the student;
2. Students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates, and;
3. Learning is both an individual and a social process.

YOUR Responsbility in an Online Course

We do expect that our students participate actively. We encourage you to check into your courses and discussions often and frequently. We encourage you to help shape the direction of your learning. The following learning pyramid has been adapted to show the emphasis of learning and sharing in the knowplace family of Sites.We do our best to move you quickly up the ladder so that you teach others. We believe that you learn best this way!

How Often Should I Check Into the Online Classroom?

Working together online is sort of like being blind and deaf. We can't see or hear you unless you post in our forum area. We rely on you to participate actively, in fact... in our Capilano University courses we expect you to login three or four times a day (Monday through Friday) and twice a day on the weekends. In our other more informal learning activities we expect that you will at the very least... say hello and thank the facilitator at the end of the activity for their time with you.We find that it takes apx. 8 weeks to effectively transfer your skills to the online environment.

We ask that you check in:

Monday through Friday: Three or four times a day
Weekends: Twice a day

We know that this is a great deal of time! This is why we work in teams.

Your Active Participation

We believe that the best way to learn and retain information is through your active participation in your courses. The following diagram demonstrates our teaching methods. We move you quickly through this ladder so that you discuss information, practice doing and teaching and mentoring others.

The Team Approach

At knowplace we sometimes are mentoring others to train online.  This means that we have co-facilitators assigned to assist our facilitators; it is not simply a matter of supporting the number of participants in a session, but rather, it allows for a commitment to timely responses from multiple perspectives. We believe that this principle sets us apart from other organizations and gives you the best education and training possible during your time with us.

Individualized Curriculum

The knowplace Family of Sites provides opportunities for adult learners. You might work with children but, we work with you! Adults have busy lives.... We have families, friends, jobs and sometimes volunteer commitments. Your time (like ours) is limited. During your time with us we strive to ensure that your time is not wasted. We rely on you to:

  • Tell us your goals (within the context of the course);
  • Set direction for the course so that it meets your needs;
  • Ask questions; and
  • Describe areas that you don't understand.

It is through your active participation in our knowplace learning activities that enables us to individualize your learning experience to meet your needs.

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