Courses & Certificates Offered

Moodle Training: In Person

In addition to our online training, we also offer in-person training. A day long customized introduction to using Moodle at your workplace or centre. An introduction to the three tools which are the building blocks of Moodle: Blocks, Activities and Resources. Best practices will be examined and how these best practices can be achieved in your Moodle area. Open content self-help resources are included for further Moodle investigation at your leisure.

Organization Requirements:

  • An assistant who has either used Moodle or knows html for every 10 people;
  • Computer for each participant (Lab situation) with Internet connectivity;
  • Data projector, internet connectivity, instructor computer; and
  • Coffee/tea breaks

Fee: $2000.00 CAD + travel and accommodation (as required)

How We Begin

Once you ask us if we are able to train you how to use Moodle, we ask you what your organizational goals are:

  • What you want to use Moodle for?
  • The technical skill level and abilities of your participants?
  • Your experiences working online?
  • An estimate of when you want your students/clients/users to start using Moodle?

For our in-person training, we develop an agenda based on our experience with what we think you will need to learn to accomplish your goals. We always leave time for you to ask questions and learn what it is that you want to learn.

What You're Left With

We've experienced too often, the consultants who come and go far too quickly.  We don't want to do this to you! We want to leave you with something that you can refer back to as you work with your students.  We develop a Moodle page in our site or yours which hosts all our training materials and resources.  We begin a forum for you so that you can talk to us and each other after we've left. 

For More Information Contact: Frances Long

Sample Agenda

The day long activities are customized to your organizations requirements. Following is a sample agenda designed for the University of Alberta, CaPS Program. We can also go more deeply into advanced usage of Moodle.

Sample Agenda

9:00 - 10:15 (Morning Tasks As STUDENT)
PPT Presentation: knowplace Family of Sites, What's Moodle, How is it Used ?
DEMONSTRATION: Create Login and Profile

10:15 - 10:30

10:30 - 12:00 TASK 1: Create Login and Profile
TASK 2: Upload An Image
12:00 - 1:00
Lunch Break

1:00 - 2:15 TASK 3: Post Using the WYSIWYG Editor
TASK 4: Your Technical Skills
PPT PRESENTATION & DEMONSTRATION: Moodle Course Page, Resources, Activities, Blocks
2:15 - 2:30

2:30 - 4:15 (Afternoon Tasks As FACILITATOR)
TASK 5: Create Resources
TASK 6: Manipulate Blocks
TASK 7: Activities

For More Information Contact: Frances Long