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Manage Your Moodle Site (Adv.)

This course gives special attention to the reasons and the type of Moodle site that participants will manage and which tools will help their organization achieve success. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Managing your online users
  • Enrolment plugins (different ways to manage enrolment)
  • Statistics, reports and gradebooks for each member
  • Clear understanding of permissions and roles and contexts
  • Professional way to handle bug reports (and put yourself in the shoes of those who fix them)
  • Intro to Cron and backup issues
  • Identification of Third Party module issues
  • Typical Administrative Tasks
  • Purpose of the maintenance web page
  • Setting up course categories
  • Time zone settings for site
  • Purpose and setting up of RSS feeds
  • Using Groups for Multilevel courses
  • Customizing strings, CSS, header, footer, incl. content of automated emails
  • Setting up the Front page: Front page roles, settings, topic, news etc.
  • How to maximize usage of resources such as: and and bug tracker
  • How to research support contracts for Moodle sites
  • Understanding the open source culture

Course Length: Two weeks online
Course Fee: 795.00
Register: Here
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