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Courses & Certificates Offered

Digging Deeply into Moodle (Adv.)

With this course special attention is given to the reasons and the type of Moodle site that participants want to manage and which tools will help their organization achieve success. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • FTP access (eg: filezilla)
  • Dealing with cron, backup and offsite back up issues
  • Customizing strings
  • Dealing with spammers and security issues
  • Third party source code issues and setup
  • Setting up Moodle site on own computer for practice and safe experimentation
  • Theme customisation
  • phpmyadmin and fft and searchall
  • Creating a block
  • Three Step Admin Procedure
  • 15 minutes a Day Moodle Admin
  • Using the plug ins database
  • Source Code customization
  • Roles & Permissions
Course Length: Two weeks online
Course Fee: 975.00
Register: Here
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