Topic outline

  • Prospective Participants

    So...You're thinking of taking a course or participating in a discussion with us in one of our training sites? You're probably like us, and when you think of doing something new and different such as taking an online course, questions often pop up. We think that you want to know answers to questions like ...

    We call our method of teaching, mentoring and working with you the knowWAY. We believe that this method helps you to achieve your learning objectives. Click on this link to learn more about the knowWAY.  Our teaching methods ensure that...

    1. Your learning requires your active participation: We want you to:

    • Ask many questions,
    • Describe areas that you don't understand,
    • Work hard and be committed to your learning

    2. Participants learn in a variety of ways and at different rates:

    We want you to you engage in your learning, and to have fun. In your knowplace courses, we use images, sound, host real-time meetings, and promote active discussion between members.

    3. Learning is both an individual and a social process:

    The knowWAY is for you to be engaged in your learning with your colleagues. We want you to participate actively with your project work, your research and the discussions that you share. We ask that you:

    • Assist others in your course by referring them to further resources, that will help them learn;
    • Keep the conversation going
    • Be prepared to shift roles from epeer to ementor;
    • Mistakes are our friends
    • Keep your sense of humour when things go wrong

    If you incorporate good netiquette such as the list above, your learning path will be meaningful!

    We hope that this information answers some of your questions while you contemplate taking a course with us... contact us by email: or phone: 1.604.685.5100