Topic outline

  • Mentoring

    In Open2Know, our core business is in education and training about all things Moodle. We provide a wide range of mentoring and support services that, ultimately, help you, the user to learn how to manage aspects of Moodle yourself rather than be dependent on a third party to do things for you. Our approach is to talk to you. Yes... on the telephone (or whichever mode you prefer) During this conversation we ask you about:

    • Your goals for your organization,
    • Your personal and professional goals
    • What you do currently with and in Moodle

    During the conversation, we then discuss the various options that we can bring from the knowplace Family of Sites to move you towards your goal. We suggest a few ideas, and then you tell us if these resonate with your goals. Our mentoring supports you to:

    • Teach and design courses in Moodle;
    • Set up and manage your own training community; and
    • Host your own site on your own server.

    For mentoring we charge 175.00 per hour. You can buy this time in blocks (for a reduction) or pay for one hour at a time. Whichever works best for you! We do our best to look after you, the way that we want to be looked after. We are renowned and internationally respected for our quick, and supportive assistance that we provide to our mentoring clients. Contact: Frances Long, 1.604.685.5100 or write to: