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  • Technical Standards

    How Were They Created?

    Our technical standards were originally developed by Chief Technical Officer Bruno Vernier. Since 2001, these standards have guided us in our software choices and also provide the framework for all our hosting and support activities (including courses & consulting services):
    1. Open source products are our preferred software;
    2. Freeware products are our secondary source; and
    3. Proprietary products are used when we can't find an open source or freeware product to do the job.

    Just in case you don't fully understand the differences between the different types of software... we have written the following very basic information about the different online courseware and applications that we use:

    1. What's Open Source?

    Open Source is free and available programming code that permits you to download the code, install the program and change the code to suit your interests. Open Source provides us with the flexibility to meet our community needs.

    When you look for open source products make certain that you choose one that has:

      • an active programming and user community to support the software, for example,; and
      • regular upgrades throughout a calendar year that are designed in response to meet community needs.
    To learn more about open source review this link at wikipedia We use the open source learning management system called Moodle  and we're proud to be a Moodle partner!

    2. What's Freeware?

    Programs that are free to use but usually contain ads, for example, Yahoo and MSN.

    3. What's Proprietary?

    Programs that cost money, you can’t change the code or manipulate the code, for example, MS Office.

    Our Technical Team
    We believe in a team approach.  We use different time zones and different skill sets to ensure that our Moodle sites are operating smoothly and efficiently.  Brent Lee heads up our technical team with Derek Henderson and Bruno Vernier providing consulting services.